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You are paid by the client at the end of the event. It is your responsibility to request payment from the client at the conclusion of your shift. Payment is usually in cash.

We guarantee your payments. We do not accept any random customers over internet for our talents’s safety reasons and more so.  All of our customers are either referral or respectful regular customers. 

Payment is made directly to you in cash, typically at the end of the shift by the client who booked you. We guarantee your pay, so rest assured that you will receive the money that you earn. 

After every job, you receive a review out of 5 for the quality of work you have done. So remember that this is a job. Never spend the shift on your phone. Engage, get proactive (even if you get it wrong!) and chat.

Our advice whether you can or can’t extend, is to contact our onsite manger ASAP to make sure the customers make payment to you at that point. . Extending is fine, it means more money for you, so if you’re agreeable, then get paid and party on! We mean work… no smiles, work!

Absolutely. If you are not comfortable, trust your instincts and walk out to make a call. Phone our manager immediately and explain the situation. We certainly do not want you to be in harm’s way at any time, but remember we are just a platform to connect you to people needing to hire staff, so we cannot be physically at the job to oversee it. It is up to you to ask enough questions to feel comfortable, talk on the phone prior to the event and find out more so you know exactly what to expect before you arrive. If that’s just not the case and you want to leave, please always speak with the person who hired you and let him or her know you are not comfortable and would like to leave.

We have a large database of professional photographer that will be happy to collaborate with you as TFP(Time for Print). It’s absolutely free. For more information please contact us. 

We have extensive attire and professional team at our office. Please contact the manger if needed to borrow anything. 

Customers will be able to search for talents who match the criteria for their event (e.g. bucks or boat party).  Customers will be able to view your profile and reviews from previous customers.

If they are interested in booking your services they will send a booking request for your approval.   We will add a small service (booking) fee for each successful transaction. 

You will be your own boss.  You can choose to work as often, or as little as you like – all in a safe and secure platform.

Once your application has been successful, we will send you a link to create your profile. You will enter a Display Name during the sign up process that will displayed to other users when you are on our platform.   Your first and last name will not be able to be viewed by other users.  

Any transaction from a debit/credit card will be billed from a third party payment provider and any text description will not refer to us. All users can choose who can view their profile picture and any other uploaded photos. 

The three options are:  ‘Anyone can see your photos’, ‘only registered users can view your photos’ or ‘only verified users can view your photos’.  Or you can choose not to upload a photo at all. 

However, this is not recommended for any talents as it will most likely impact the likelihood of receiving bookings.


We will send a reminder email or text an hour before the start time each booking.  Please regularly check your calendar in the our website to make sure that you are aware of all upcoming bookings.

There is no joining fee associated with us. All your training and other neccesary   kits will be given by us. You will be able to create a profile, set your preferences and be available to accept or make bookings immediately.

The only fees that will apply will be a small booking fee that we will charge for each successful transaction.

If you are a model, hostess, vendor or even student with no previous experience and would like to join our team please complete the application form. Once your application is sent, we’ll review your information. If we feel you are the right person for our team, we’ll contact you to schedule a personal interview.

Karaoke hostess

As a Karaoke Compere you are responsible for being the Host, voice and face of a venue. You will deliver and present Karaoke & Games to encourage guests participation and attendance at the venue, promote bar offers and shows that evening and throughout the week, and provide excellent and professional entertainment to ensure that the customers enjoy their evening and want to spend as much time as possible in the venue during their holiday.


An atmosphere model is a model hired to enhance the atmosphere and inject energy, beauty and fun into an event. The models are experts at entertaining, interacting, and mingling with a variety of guests. Typically, the models will be dressed in tasteful, upscale nightlife attire, but clients have the option of tailoring the attire to fit their specific needs.

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